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Considering VoIP for your business?

Increase your efficiency with robust voice features — and break free from the expense and headaches associated with managing telephony infrastructure.

Your network is the foundation of your business. If it is not working to its fullest potential than neither is your business. A good network infrastructure is more than just a framework of equipment—it is a system that has been carefully chosen and matched, properly configured and optimized, and finally maintained to ensure maximum up time and highest performance.

Do you have a staff with years of experience in multiple facets of the industry and the close working knowledge of your particular business software? In most corporate environments, even those with extensive IT departments, this is rare. IDSI provides a team of experienced IT professionals, each with the expertise and certifications in almost all areas of the industry. In addition to our talented staff, IDSI has partnered with the best technology has to offer. Our strong relationships with 3Com, Microsoft, Cisco, HP, Veritas, and others allow us provide the quality and dependability that your company needs and deserves.

Our approach is a bit different than our competitors. We make every effort to dedicate consultants to each individual account. This provides you with certified, experienced professionals who know your company, and your system, inside and out. This affords our customers the highest quality service along with the comfort of individuals they know and trust. For companies with little or no in-house support, IDSI provides the kind of dedicated personal service that would otherwise require additional staffing.

While some customers use IDSI solely for our networking and systems skills, our real strength is in our ability to seamlessly integrate hardware and software into a comprehensive business system. Our staff brings together system engineers, software specialists, programmers, designers, and accounting professionals to create a cohesive solutions team that can streamline your operations, optimize your day-to-day tasks, and help your company achieve its fullest potential.

IDSI Network Services
  • Local Area Network Design (LAN)

  • Wide Area Network Design (WAN)

  • Internet Connectivity

  • Server-based Application Design

  • Disaster Recovery and Data Archive

  • File Server

  • Email Server

  • Workstation

  • Remote Network Administration

  •  Network Security and Virus Protection

  • Remote Monitoring

IDSI Telephony and Wide Area (WAN) Solutions
  • IP Telephony System Design & Implementation

  • MPLS and VPN Network Design & Implementation

  • Network Security Monitoring

Additionally, we can provide bandwidth and services from a wide range of major and regional carriers

These days even the smallest company is connected to the rest of the world. Inexpensive high-speed Internet connections, email, and online marketing have brought us all closer together. Hence, the need for security is greater today than in years past, and that trend is very likely to continue.

We take security seriously, as we all should. Our expert technicians can analyze your company’s current configuration and recommend the steps necessary to keep your business secure. Whether you need a firewall, virus protection, or an SSL transaction solution, IDSI has the technology and the staff to complete a flawless implementation. We work with a wide range of partners like Cisco, Network Associates, and Sonicwall so that we can provide for any security need within any budget.

Installation of a security system alone is not enough to protect your business. Our services don’t stop with implementation. We provide real-time alerting, system logging, remote monitoring, and log analysis. In this way we are immediately alerted of any attempted access and can take any steps necessary to keep you safe. Additionally, we can provide content filtering to limit employee access to questionable web sites and reporting tools so that you can see how your system is being used.

Our virus protection systems are designed to protect the entire company. We offer solutions that scan and protect your file servers, email servers, desktops and the Internet gateway. Many of our systems offer options for spam filtering.

To complete the package IDSI offers a number of remote management solutions that allow us to act as your offsite IT department. We can monitor your network, check for equipment failure, and manage your servers instantly without making an onsite visit.

Internet Security Design & Monitoring
  • Security needs analysis

  • Firewall implementation

  • Server security and lock down

  • SSL translation server security and acceleration

  • Virus protection solutions

  • Remote monitoring

  • Remote Management

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