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Helping SMB Manufacturers and Distributors Streamline

and Automate Their Business Systems Since 1990.


Acumatica is the fastest growing Cloud ERP Solution on the market born on the cloud in 2008. With exclusive to small/mid market ERP focus (Manufacturing, Distribution, Accounting, Field Service, e-Construction, & eCommerce). There are multiple hosting options on either the public cloud, private cloud, or on-premise with unique consumption-based pricing with all-in subscription billing. Also, with 100% partner driven sales and deployments with 75% of Acumatica profits going towards R&D, Acumatica is an award-winning software in the industry.




Startup Team







Innovative Data Solutions, Inc. was founded by its CEO Vince Loro back in 1990. In the years prior, Vince created some of the biggest technological advancements of his time. With his advanced knowledge in technology, he determined that there was no technology support firm that could simultaneously address the hardware and software needs of an organization. Thus, IDS was born. Today, IDS is family owned and operated with almost three decades of supplying only the best technological support to its clients. Innovation has long been a driving force behind IDS. It has made them stay on top of an ever growing technology industry, as they change with the times and only provide the best of the best ERP solutions. Acumatica is the fastest growing Cloud ERP Solution on the market and continues to be the industry leader. This is why IDS has adopted Acumatica. Vince’s sons, Brandon and Ryan, have been primed to take over IDS to follow in the footsteps of their father and continue to provide excellence and innovation with Acumatica along with many other advanced platforms.


Cetylite Industries

Jeff Wachman, VP of Operations

“We are very grateful for our relationship with the team at IDSI. Their technical expertise and customer service have always been exemplary and our relationship goes back many years. We rely on them for our accounting and inventory software and our hardware/networking needs and they have never let us down. It’s like having an in-house IT professional, without the downside of having that person on the payroll.”


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