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Our Philosophy

At IDSI, we believe that business solutions are more than just fine software and powerful hardware. In fact, the solution for your business begins well before your first purchase. Our highly trained professionals start by matching the environment to the product. Simply put, is it a good fit?

Ensuring that the software fits your business and provides the functionality you require is crucial. Procedural controls, education, and logistical changes may all be necessary. Accomplishing these changes efficiently and accurately is of utmost importance to your business.

IDSI consultants offer the decisiveness to solve your short-term challenges in the most timely and cost-efficient manner. We add value to your organization by allowing you to work with our industry-experienced personnel, helping you overcome your issues, and letting you do what you do best: running your business. Our impressive implementation team is comprised of experts who provide a wide range of on-site services to our customers. Each of IDSI’s professional consultants is certified in Exact Macola applications, as well as several other business packages. They also hold credentials such as CPA, CPIM, and MBA.

IDSI’s staff will initiate and participate in a strategy to analyze, improve, and streamline your information and operational procedures in order to determine the optimal method for automating your business. We do this by defining your problems, recommending solutions, and minimizing your investment costs to turn your company into a smooth, proactive environment.

Our Process

Our methodology ensures that the integration of an IDSI solution will meet your deadlines, your budget, and your expectations.

IDSI consultants will work closely with your personnel to transition the new software and integrate it with your current operating procedures. They will prepare the software to meet your specific business needs. We provide a full range of consulting services that address both your immediate concerns and your long-range goals. These include business planning, design of your accounting procedures, custom programming, report writing, data conversion, and a complete menu of training services While learning about your business and analyzing your goals, IDSI will evaluate your software needs and perform a site assessment. The assessment allows us to do a comprehensive inspection on your current system, verifying that your hardware and network meet recommended requirements. Our highly trained technicians can recognize any possible problem and offer remedies for its resolution. We will determine if the software will automate your internal procedures, make your company more efficient, and eliminate non-productive and repetitive work. At that point, we can initiate a recommendation and proposal for your business.

Even before the software has been installed, our consultants advise you on generally accepted accounting and distribution practices, from account structure and standard costing implications to warehouse management. We will study in detail the needs of your business, identify possible ERP Integration solutions, select and implement appropriate topological, tools, and technologies. Once a clear understanding of the project is identified, our team will work with your project management team to create a detailed plan to ensure the success of the implementation. Finally, we will deploy a high impact ERP integration solution that will improve the speed and quality of customer response, streamline business processes, optimize order fulfillment and enhance your competitiveness and profitability.


The implementation will focus heavily upon education. Education is essential to every successful business. Our consultants deliver a customized on-site training program that enables your staff to gain confidence in using the software to manage your everyday business operations. Our training programs are designed to be hands-on, at your location, using your data. In this way we deliver a practical, real-world educational experience. Project management roles can be undertaken by IDSI but we recommend that an internal leader from your team assumes this role with our guidance and support

Our project plan will be designed to contain the following steps:
  • Defining resources and tasks for the projects

  • File Layouts, Data Analysis, and Convert records

  • Defining assessable goals, i.e., hardware inspection, cutting over, going live

  • Setting successful deadlines and delegating individuals responsible for completion of specific jobs

  • Custom programming and custom report design (if necessary)

  • Assessing and defining training needs

  • Training and piloting a trial run and testing of data

  • Cut-over and reconcile


IDSI can develop the e-business system to best suit your company and its needs. Our consultants will work closely with your personnel to cover every facet of e-business from developing a fully web-based informational system to providing a turnkey EDI solution through our third party. Our goal is to take the mystery and fear for out of running EDI. We make EDI simple to operate and easy to understand. Once configured, an EDI system can basically operate unattended, saving you time and money and enabling compliance with your customer and vendor requirements. Our team will work with you to manage the project and create a detailed plan that ensures you will obtain the ROI from the proper implementation of our EDI solutions. Our solutions allow secure portal access by vendors, customers, and employees to all of the data they need, within the limits you set. Everything is web based on secure servers, so you can access it wherever you need it when you need it.

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